Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2014 Planning Meeting

We had a great time at the meeting on Saturday. Lots of great show n’ tells, check out the pictures. We planned 2014 and elected our officers.

Also, Marion brought her bag that you can check out on her blog.

  • President is Kira Carter
  • Secretary is Katie Gardner
  • Lead for BOM challenge is Marion McClellan
  • Lead for the UFO challenge is Konda Luckau
  • Lead for the monthly tips is Allison Babcock

We have decided to have annual dues of $10 that will be due in January at our next meeting January 11th at 10:30. So I bet you all are wondering what the BOM, UFO and monthly tips are? To summarize, it was decided that we would do a block of the month that Marion is taking the lead on. It will be 6” squares that Marion is designing the first pattern for. We are hoping that we will have volunteers to take one month throughout the year that will design and teach any techniques that will be used on the block.

The UFO is to help us all get those unfinished objects completed. Konda will need to explain this whole process at the next meeting. From what I can tell you is that it will be a quarterly challenge that will involve prizes.

Monthly Tips are just that. We will be asking individuals to bring a monthly tip to share at the meeting. Just one or two a month is great. We like the idea of people sharing things that work for them. Products, technique, storage ideas or really just anything that you can think of that you do or know of that will help make the whole process of quilting easier.

We also talked about adding a possible charity project in a few months depending on how busy everyone is so keep your charity ideas in mind.

We haven’t decided on whether we are going to go with the Modern Quilt Guild or just the Utah Guild so please join us at our monthly meetings and tell us what you think. If you can’t make it to the meeting, email any of the leaders and let them know which guild you would like us to go with. To be with the Modern Quilt Guild, we would need to increase our dues in order to cover the high cost of the guild. We would get discounts and challenges along with many other things if we were members.

If we go with the Utah Quilt Guild, we just need to have 3 members who are registered with the Utah Quilt Guild, I think we have two now and I (Lisa Vance) am more than willing to register as the 3rd.
At our next meeting, Marion will be teaching us all how to do an invisible zipper and finishing a pillow.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Saturday Meeting

For Saturday, 10:30 at Gracie Lou's, if you want to participate in the English Paper Piece training, please bring the following.
Fabric requirements for English Paper Pieced Hexagon Pincushion:
2 --5" squares
7 -- 2" sq scraps 
Choose 6 that will form the outer ring and one contrasting for the center.  
Stuffing or about 1 cup of crushed walnuts
 Katie is bringing crushed walnuts for 25 or 50 cents per cup. Please email her if you would like her to bring some for you (safirestar05@aol.com).I will also bring some extra stuff that I use for stuffing, anyone is welcome to use it too. 
You also need to bring a basic hand sewing kit and some paper scissors as well.

See you all on Saturday!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Upcoming Meeting

8 more days until we meet again. Marion will be teaching us English Paper Piecing in the form of a pin cushion. I will be sending out the list for supplies that you need to bring with you within the next few days. The meeting is Saturday, October 12th at Gracie Lou's in Salem at 10:30 am. Can't wait to see you all.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our first guild meeting

Welcome everyone! We are just starting the Nebo Modern Quilt Guild and are very excited to say that we just had our first meeting. We talked about a lot of things and want to share all of the information.

First, we decided on our name, Nebo Modern Quilt Guild. It was actually a pretty easy decision. We feel the name includes all of the cities and towns in this area. But anyone is welcome to join us.

Plans for the guild are just coming together so over the next few months of meetings we will make it more formal and decide on dues, develop bylaws and come up with more of a plan.

What we have decided so far is:

We will have a show n' tell at every meeting. Bring anything that you have made and we also enjoy seeing quilts that were made by others. Our meetings will be held on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 10:30 and will be held at Gracie Lou's in Salem Utah located at 446 North State Road.

In October, after our show n' tell, we will be learning how to do English Paper Piecing. Marion McClellan has graciously agreed to teach us her method. We will be making a pin cushion. A post will be added with the supply list that you need to bring if you want to make one.

In November, we are hoping to get some machine quilting training but need to confirm schedules before committing.

Here are some pictures from our show n' tell.
April designed this block of the month.
Close up of one of the squares
Then she took the square and enlarged it to create another quilt. What a FABULOUS idea!

Kira loved this fabric and did a bow tie pattern to feature the fabric.

Here is another quilt that Kira brought. She was planning on spending all summer doing it but had so much fun it was done in a few weeks instead. 

This is a quilt from Konda's Great Grandmother's collection that she was lucky enough to get. 

Kristen did this dimensional quilt. FYI, she is going to teach us all how to do dimensional work in the future. 

Lanae made this beautiful quilt top and back. It isn't finished but we still loved her sharing it with us. 

Marion shared her English Paper pieced hexagon quilt. We will be learning how to do this in pin cushion fashion at our next meeting.