Saturday, June 25, 2016

June Meeting Recap

Here are the things we talked about at our June Guild Meeting:

Financial Report
-All guild members were sent an email with a link to our official financial report
-If you have any questions or concerns about it, contact Marion

Tips and Tricks
-Sharon showed us how she writes numbers on her pins with a sharpie and then uses them to keep track of rows, stacks, etc.

-This month we finished two quilts, with lots of quilts only needing binding
-We are making an effort to donate our quilts to more charities that are local to us, including Utah Valley and Mountain View Hospitals, and the Women's Shelter in Provo
-Our guild would like to donate a quilt to the victims of the recent shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.  For more info, look a few blog posts back.  :)

Challenge: Words of Art
-Create letters or words with fabric
-Turn it into a FINISHED project
-Due at September guild meeting

-Sonia did an amazing job showing us techniques for making improv letters.  Most of her ideas and techniques came from the book Word Play Quilts by Tonya Ricucci.
-These are the four techniques she covered:  1. Add on,  2. Cut and insert,  3. Add corner triangles,  4. Duplicate an angle

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Quilts for Pulse

As a guild, we have decided to make two quilts for the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild, who will be donating them to the victims and families of victims from the Pulse night club shooting. We will donate our Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt, and a new quilt that is based on the heart block from Allison Harris from Cluck Cluck Sew. If you would like to donate a quilt of your own, please see THIS POST and THIS POST from the OMQG.
The block size we are using for the heart quilt will be 8 1/2" square. That will give us enough room to do a fun sashing and cornerstones -- Natalie has that all covered!
Here are the instructions, changed a bit to reflect our size (but almost all of it comes from Allison Harris):

*please use a solid background COLOR (not white or black) and ANY COLOR print (EXCEPT black, can be pieced if desired)
  • PRINT fabric: TWO 4 ½” x 8 ½”
  • BACKGROUND fabric: FOUR 1 ½” squares, TWO 4 ½” squares


1.     Draw a diagonal line on each of the 4 ½” BACKGROUND squares.  Place a square at the bottom of each 4 ½” x 8 ½” PRINT strip.

2.     Sew along the drawn line.  Trim the corner leaving ¼”, and press seams open.

3.     Draw a diagonal line on each of the 1 ½” BACKGROUND squares. Place a square in each top corner of the PRINT strips.  Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner.

4.     Sew along the drawn line.  Trim corners leaving ¼”, and press seams open.

5.     Pin seams and sew the two sides together.  Press seam open. Your block should now measure 8 ½”.

If you would like to see the tutorial with pictures, you may find it HERE -- just remember that the sizes will vary from our size.

Monday, June 13, 2016

May Meeting Recap

For those who missed our meeting in May, here is a recap:

Reminder:  For those who are making mini mini quilts to swap, they are due at our June meeting (June 18).

Tips and Tricks:  Kira talked to us about her favorite interfacings.  Natalie also gave us a few tips for sharing our quilts during show and tell (introduce yourself and talk about your quilt - it's inspiration, why you love/hate it.  We want to know more about your projects!)

May was Katie's last month as our president!  She did an amazing job and we will miss having her in charge.  For your information, here are the current members of our guild board, along with their responsibilities:

Katie: Past President
Emily C:  Current President
Sonia: President Elect (she'll be president next year)
Sonia: Secretary over membership
Tiffany:  Secretary over social media
Marion:  Secretary over finances
Laura:  Challenges
Janice:  Tips/Tricks
Natalie:  Charity
Emily H:  Refreshments
Denise:  Swaps
Konda:  UFOs

Lastly, Laura introduced our next challenge!  More information will be coming soon, but be thinking of "Words of Art."  We will be making any type of completed project using WORDS.  This project will be due at our September meeting.