UFO Challenge

UFO Challenge Rules

Sign up between January and April.

Challenge Deadlines: May, August, and November

Sign up for 4 projects by the month of April. Three projects will be completed. One can be swapped.

Criteria: A UFO project must be a project that you have most of the materials for already. It can be at any stage of completion. You are allowed to purchase materials if you find that you need something to finish the project.


Definition of Complete: The project is complete when the quilt is quilted and bound.   
            *An exception is with an extra long project like a Dear Jane quilt. In this case, complete will be when a predetermined number of blocks have been finished. The number that is predetermined must be a number that brings the project a good way toward completion. For example, 15 Dear Jane Blocks would not be an acceptable number.

Monthly Prizes: Each person who completes one of their UFO challenge projects by a challenge deadline is eligible for one fat quarter and their name in the grand prize drawing. UFO challenge projects can be checked off by the person in charge of the UFO Challenge (right now, Kira H.) at any time. Fat quarters will be awarded during the guild meeting of the challenge month. Participants must be present to receive a fat quarter. While we would like the UFO project to also be present, the project does not need to be present to win. Only one fat quarter can be received per person at each challenge month. If two projects are completed during a challenge period, the second project will count toward the next deadline.

Grand Prizes: In November, an undetermined number of prizes are awarded by pulling names out of a hat.  Each project that is completed by a challenge deadline receives one entry into the prize drawing. A maximum of one entry per challenge deadline may be received. Also, each person who completes a project by all of the challenge deadlines receives an additional entry into a GRAND prize drawing. Only those who complete 3 challenge projects will be eligible for the GRAND prize.

 2018 Sign Ups

Tiffany Searle
1.Pie Making gems
2.King Simply Hexies
3.Swoon Blushing
4. Chunky Windmill

Kira Holladay
1.  Poppy Mae
2. Stars
3. One block
4. Christmas

Cara Brooks
1.  Rocket Age quilt
2. Sweetie Pie quilt
3. Sleighbell Sampler

Natalie Smith
1.  2015QBX Sampler
2. Halloween quilt
3. Churn Dash Swap
4. Honey Bee Swap

Emily Magleby
1.  Carson's bug quilt
2. Dad's tie quilt
3. Book Nook quilt
4. Sweet Marion quilt

Natalie Pratt
1.  Rose Guild quilt
2. Woodland Fusion quilt
3. Space quilt

Denise Hone
1.  Patchwork Swoon 
2. McDreamy💗
3. Summerville
4. Starry Sky

Debbie Camp
1.  Mitch's log cabin
2. Color block Swap
3. Bowtie quilt
4. Missouri Star quilt

Donna Hansen
1.  Glow in the dark Halloween
2. Trick or Treat Halloween
3. Cole's quilt
4. Tula Pink quilt

Emily Carr
1.  Black/white churn dash
2. Bea's housedresses
3. Pink Flamingo Irish Chain
4. Orange scrap log cabin

Briawna Hugh
1.  Shimmer
2. Chamomile
3. Low Volume Swiss

Krista Sorensen
1.  Wedding quilt
2. I spy
3. Braid

Ilene Christensen
1.  Wizard of Oz
2. Bee Happy

Kayde Dexter
1.  Modern Retro Squared
2. Hocus Pocus
3. Low Volume Plus
4. B&C Sampler

Emily Herrick
1.  LV Quilt
2. Modern Maples
3. Giant Star
4. Coty "Tigerlily" Quilt

Jeanne Robertson
1.  American Jane Quilt
2. Star Quilt V and Co
3. Gray Magazine Quilt
4. Itty Bitty Quilt

April Lahoda
1. Kim Diehl Farmhouse
2. Tulip table runner
3. daisy quilt

Kenra Asay
1.  Honeysweet Pinwheel Quilt
2. Pieced Chevron Quilt
3. Simply Anytime Quilt
4. French Roses Baby Quilt

Amy Hickman
1.  pastel, heart quilt
2.  Farm animals quilt
3. Cactus quilt

Rachell Reilly
1.  Sunnyside Star
2. Pinstripe Crossing
3. Paradiso Star Baby
4. Hawaiian Pillow

Marsha Fuller
1.  Orange and Blue
2. Maze Mess
3. Jean
4. Fix Grandma's


2017 Sign ups
Tiffany Searle
1.  Sweet Life Kaleidoscope
2.  Swoon Sixteen
3.  Moda Rows
4.  Summerfest Hexies

Laura Nance
1.  Black and Red
2. Soup Blocks
3. Purple Stars
4. Pink/purple squares

Pat Parry
1.  Lap Quilt
2.  Tree Skirt

Natalie Wilson
1.  Flirty
2.  Route 66
3.  Petals
4.  Sampler

Kira Holladay
1.  Sunkissed
2.  Wave
3.  Millies
4.  Summer in the Park

Kristin Roylance
1.  Free Quilt Patterns Sampler Quilt
2.  Giraffe Quilt
3.  Sanctuary Quilt
4.  Baby Quilt Top Quilted

Jessica Tuwun
1.  Orange Peel Applique
2.  Fabric Swap Quilt
3.  I Spy
4.  T-Shirt

Sonia Bartholomew
1.  Rose Star
2.  Granny Square
3.  Christmas Diamonds
4.  Rainbow Connection

Erin Bake
1.  Rain Quilt
2.  Diamond Negative Space
3.  Twirl Quilt
4.  ZigZag Quilt

Emily Carr
1.  Green Scraps
2.  T-shirt Quilt
3.  Pink Scrap Rail fence 

Natalie Smith
1.  Parker's Quilt
2.  Rainbow Plus
3.  Saturday Sampler
4.  Dwell Quilt

Kris Bluth
1.  Hushabye Quilt
2.  Hand Dyed Faric
3.  Churn Dash Quilt
4.  Hopscotch Quilt

Marsha Fuller
1.  Fall Quilt
2.  Fix Grandma's Old Quilt
3.  Sedgwick
4.  Sampler

Kira Carter
1.  Farmer's Wife
2.  Fireworks
3.  Joel Dewberry
4.  Cotton and Steele Christmas

Nancy Hanson
1.  Truck Wind Wheel
2.  Bonnet Sue
3.  Daisy
4.  Tool - Mark's Quilt

Emily Herrick
1.  Pink Challenge
2.  Low Volume Quilt
3.  Rainbow Pixel
4.  Kaffe Quilt
--substitute Boomerang

Jen Van Orman
1.  Snails
2.  Cherry Tree Lane
3.  Buffalo Plaid
4.  Pink Pineapples

Briawna Hugh
1.  Dwell Swap Quilt
2.  B&C LV Plus Quilt
3.  Swoon (Scrappy)
4.  LV Scrappy Log Cabin

Whitney Hancock
1.  Yellow Modern
2.  Aila's Baby Quilt
3.  South West
4.  Party Line/Telephone   

Katie Gardner
1.  Rainbow 365 Top
2.  Allietare Top
3.  Wedding
4.  Bind Vomit Quilt    

Debbie Camp
1.  Plum Stars                                        
2.  Pink Applique
3.  Bliss Quilt
4.  Paper Pieced Log Cabin
5. Sunbonnet Sue

Cheryl Lyman
1.  Pineapple                      
2.  Fresh cut
3.  Spools
4.  Turq & blue

Jeanne Robertson
1. Itty Bitty                                          
2.  Swell
3.  Ruby Stars
4. Summer Stars

Kate Ryskawp
1.  Swoon mini quilt                                        
2.  flying geese circle mini
3.  2444 dress
4. geometric uppercase mini

Denise Hone
1.  Low Volume                                        
2.  Pineapple Punch
3.  Patchwork Swoon
4. McDreamy💗

Ilene Christensen
1.  Bee Quilt                                        
2.  Snow Globe
3.  Kams Quilt
4. Wizard of OZ

Janice Thompson
1. It's Fall ya'll                                          
2.  Scrappy Danny quilt tied
3.  Red White and Blue
4. Adam's quilt -  Wounded Warriors

Chris Chamberlain
1. Grandpa George's Cabin

Krista Sorensen
1. Kansas Trouble                                          
2.  Tulip
3.  Jean
4. Wedding

Ann Nielsen
1. 2x2 scrap
2.  2x2 scrap
3.  frog quilt
4. strip piece quilt

April Lahoda
1. Star Fling                                          
2.  Birdie Charm Pack quilt
3.  Teal and red quilt
4. Gray pinwheels

Donna Hansen
1. Tree of Life quilt                                          
2.  Trick or Treater quilt
3.  Dots & Boxes Rustique quilt
4. Niece quilt

Cara Brooke
1. Canyon Braid quilt                                          
2.  Rocket Age quilt
3.  Farm Girl vintage
4. Star Spangled Diamonds

Marion McClellan
1.  Solid Improv quilt
2.  Chic Kisses
3.  Antique Dresden
4.  Grammies Scrappy Wildflower Patch

Naomi Wagstaff
1.  Table Runner (1)
2.  Reading Pillow
3.  Quilt Block
4.  Table Runner (2)

Diane L R Smith
1.  Table Runner
2.  Baby Girls quilt, hexies
3.  30's quilt x2 baby boy
4.  Quilt Picnic or Piece Apron

Rachell Reilly
1. Autism Swoon
2.  Sunnyside Star
3. Hugs n Kisses
4. Elephant Parade

Kairle Oaks
1. Pink Flaming Russian Rubix
2. Gingham Girls Sawtooth Stars
3. Tumbling blocks.

Susie Nelson
1. Starburst
2. Pineapple
3. Hexie
4. Flamingo

Jalaire Allen
1. Hunter Star
2. Jenna's Pinwheel
3. Bunny Town BOM
4. Elana's Quilt

Lori Wells
1. Staghead Quilt
2. Plus Exchange
3. Kids Star Quilts
4. Triangle Tree


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