Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 Sampler Challenge

Guess what???  As a guild for 2015 we are going to start a six month Sampler Challenge.  Can I get three cheers???

So why a Sampler Challenge?  Well, sampler quilts are a great way for us to learn many (many) different techniques and expand our quilting skill set.  It is a super fun way to experiment with colors and prints in a new way.  A sampler will expose us to many different new ways to compose and design a quilt. ....and they look AWESOME!!! :)

Here are the official Nebo Modern Quilt Guild Sampler Challenge Rules (ok, guidelines, really)-
#1 Make a sampler quilt over the next six months (January-June).  It can be any size you like, with as many blocks as you like (at least more than one).
#2  Bring your blocks in to share with the guild each month.
#3  Be BRAVE and have FUN!!!

If you are looking to join in some group fun, a few of our guild members are hosting a sampler quilt along (Blocks From the Past Quilt Along #BFTPqal) so we can just follow along with them if you like :) 

A few of them, from the #BFTPqal, will be sharing with us during guild meetings to help us all learn the beauty of the old time sampler done in a new and modern way!  It's going to be AWESOME!!!

Here are the details.

(If you would like to post this button to your blog, feel free to use this graphic and here is the link address to use with it-

Natalie, over at and Marion of are going to be hosting a sampler QAL over the next six months with several of our AMAZING quilting guild friends!

A while back, our guild friend April found this old quilting book at a yard sale.  She thought it would make a fun project to update into more modern fabrics and colors.  We TOTALLY agree!

So, you may be asking yourself, how can you join us in all of this 2015 Sampler fun???  Well, here is how!

First off, get a copy of the book, Teach Yourself Blocks from the Past by Marie Henry.  It is available from many online stores.  The publisher is working on getting a PDF version of this book available soon.  We will post the link as soon as it is ready :)

Next, you just need to follow the schedule below!  These amazing quilters will share their secrets and tips for putting these blocks together in their favorite way.

Each week there will be one applique block and two pieced blocks.  You will see in the schedule, the date, page number of the three blocks for the week and the name of the quilter and her blog address/link.

Week 1 Jan 5 Intro to QAL and Schedule (Marion)
Week 2 Jan 12 Fabric requirements (Natalie)
Week 3 January 19 p, 8,9,60 (Natalie)
Week 4 January 26 p.10, 11, 61 (Konda)
Week 5 February 2 p. 13,14,62 (Marion)
Week 6 Feb 9 p. 15,16,63 (Machelle)
Week 7 February 16 p. 17,18,65 (April)
Week 8 February 23 p. 19,20,66 (Terry)
Week 9 March 2 p. 21,22,67 (Ginny)
Week 10 March 9 p. 23,24,68 (Maggie)
Week 11 March 16 p. 25,26,69 (Emily)
Week 12 March 23 p. 27,28,70 (Barbie)
Week 13 March 30 p. 29,30,72 (Tiffany)
Week 14 April 6 p. 33,34,74 (Maggie)
Week 15 April 13 p. 35,36,75 (Natalie)
Week 16 April 20 p. 37,39,76 (Katie)
Week 17 April 27 p. 40,41,77 (Marion)
Week 18 May 4 p. 42,43,78 (Barbie)
Week 19 May 11 p. 44,45,79 (Konda)
Week 20 May 18 p. 46,47,80 (Machelle)
Week 21 May 25 p. 48,49,81 (Stacy)
Week 22 June 1 p. 50,51,82 (Barbie)
Week 23 June 8 p. 53, 83, 91(Natalie)
Week 24 June 15 p. 55,84,92  (Tiffany)
Week 25 June 22 p. 56, 86, 93 (Marion)
Week 26 June 29 p. 87,88,94 (Katie)
Week 27 July 6 Sashing and setting (Natalie)
Week 28 July 13  Wrap up (Marion)

We can't wait to see your progress.  Be sure to tag your progress on Instagram with #BFTPqal and #NMQGsamplerCHALLENGE.

 You can also join our Flickr group HERE.

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