Monday, January 23, 2017

New Challenge: Optical Illusions

Nebo Modern Quilt Guild
2017 Challenge #1

Our first challenge for this year is "Optical Illusion."  Any quilt that plays a trick on the eyes is what we're looking for.  It might be straight seems that look curved, the appearance of a third dimension, a secondary pattern that emerges, a photo design or any other optical illusion.  Some techniques used might be straight piecing, curved piecing, grid piecing or appliqué.  
You can choose to make any type of piece....a quilt, mini quilt, pillow, pouch, table runner or a stylin' vest!  Whatever you choose to make must be 100% completed to be eligible for the prize drawing at the end.  
All items need to be completed by our June guild meeting.  
Here are a couple of sites and a pinterest board that have some good optical illusion eye candy!
Roger Wenchell -

Here are some more photos of amazing quilts to inspire you! (Click on the photo or the caption to see the original source)
Carol Moellers Designs
Carol Moellers Designs
❤️ the cast shadows                                                                                                                                                     More:
“ Beth Gilbert
Out of the Box
Beth Gilbert - "Out of the Box"
Rebel at Home and Abroad
The Fleming's Nine - Bargello Quilt
Quilter's DNA - Roger Winchell
Deconstructing Cubes - Roger Winchell (Side 1)
Deconstructing Cubes - Roger Winchell (Side 2)
Jaybird Quilts - Arcade Game
Make a Rhombus Cube Quilt with No Y Seams! Free Video Tutorial with Jenny Doan!
Rhombus Cube - Missouri Star Quilt Company
Labrynth quilt created by Susan Ramos  Queen size quilt:
Labrynth Walk Quilt
Labyrinth Walk
Labrynth Walk Quilt
 raw edge applique Christmas quilt patterns
Geta Grama
snowflake quilt pattern
Geta Grama
Tips for fusible raw edge applique quilts - master the easiest and quickest quilting technique.
Geta Grama
Krista Quilts "Bulging Checkerboard"

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